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Coronavirus – What Do We Know and What Can We Do?

Right now, you are witness to a world on lockdown. Not even the most prominent world leaders know what to do. The uncertainty of Coronavirus plagues all of us. And there is not much you can do about it, except for taking care of your health, avoid going to the doctor unless you need to, and staying at home at all times. And while you stay inside, we would suggest that the best thing to do, instead of fret and panic would be to read up on Coronavirus in itself and arm yourself with the knowledge of what lies ahead. We hope that this article helps you understand more about the virus and the methods you can resort to avoid it.

What is Coronavirus?

Coronavirus is a family of viruses that are known to attack the respiratory system of the body. The disease can usually manifest as a simple cold and cough, or even escalate to severe infections like the flu or pneumonia. The respiratory infections caused by the Coronavirus can range from mild to fatal, depending on the strain of the virus.

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The more basic strains of the virus cause diseases like the common cold, whereas the more intense varieties can cause diseases like SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome), MERS or COVID-19. There haven’t been any vaccines or drugs that have passed clinical trials to fight Coronavirus yet.

The name Coronavirus derives itself from the Latin word ‘Corona’ which means a wreath or a crown, with regards to the bulbous crown-like structure spotted on the virus when viewed through electron microscopy.

The current pandemic has resulted from the propagation and attack of a particular strain of the coronavirus family, COVID-19.

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How Did COVID-19 begin?

To understand why the pandemic has spread to the extent that it has, we must first understand the origin of the virus itself. Strains like COVID-19 or SARS are not human viruses. They are zoonotic viruses present in different animal species, domestic and otherwise.

These viruses are endemic to their animals of origin. However, when they enter the human body, they can have adverse effects. These reactions are because our immune system has never encountered this virus before, and hence doesn’t know how to combat it.

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The strain COVID-19 seems to have originated from the Huanan wet market from the Wuhan province of China. Now I am sure you would ask us how we have an idea about this despite the minimal time since the official outbreak. The above is because the previous eruption of SARS in 2003 had the same type of origin. 

Wet markets are a festering source of zoonotic viruses. Animals, domestic and wild are brought to these markets and are slaughtered and sold in front of their customers. In this area of breeding and slaughter, there is a lot of exchange of virus and bacteria, either through blood, pus urine or any other form of bodily fluids.

Chinese wet market
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The transmission especially takes place when the animals are in mesh cages, up on top of each other. When these animals slaughtered and given off to the customer, any form of improper handling could result in the transferring of these viruses from butcher to customer, and then the outbreak begins.

In the case of COVID-19, around 39 people tested positive in Wuhan in its initial stages. Out of these 39, 27 people had been to the wet market in that past fortnight. 

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