CYBERSECURITY: Threats and Solutions

With every passing second, the world is witnessing loads of new innovations in varied fields of technology. It is needless to say that the wide expanse of Cyberworld is also an exception to this. With the increasing advancements in the technical arena, a steady increment in its negativity is also being bitterly felt. People tend to be more tech-savvy and net-savvy, over the years they have shifted their priceless documents to online websites to keep them safe trusting cybersecurity. Well, are the documents actually being safe or are we simply handing over our documents to frauds?

With the increased load of sensitive data online, the hackers have found new ways to track down those delicate bits of information to misuse them and create money through it. However, for this cyber battle against the hackers, the technicalities of Cybersecurity are being highly improvised and chiseled to fit in the newest hacking ways.

This year it has been the harbinger of very many cyberspace intrusion cases after having successfully surpassed all the detector barriers. From hacking varied online accounts to creating phishing attacks, the web of Cyber Crimes has increased manifold. Before laying our hands on the multifaceted domain of Cybersecurity, we can initially scan a few methodologies of the hackers’ world.

A quick glance at the dark hacking world:

With the increased devices using internet connectivity at home which probably does not support strong cybersecurity becomes easy prey to hackers and the fraud web trackers. Not only the respective device but an entire undefined chain of devices become easily accessible to the hackers. Via phones and laptops, varied sensitive data can be pulled out like passwords for varied sites or to credit cards etc.

With the not so knowledgeable and alert people using the devices, the risk of hacking looms very high. Online websites which without any permission when downloads multiple files by tricking its users, in the long run, basically tend to download malware that corrupts every ounce of the preserved data.

To combat this Cyber insecurity, the latest advancements in the Cyberworld are breathtaking. Cybersecurity can never promise a cent percent guaranteed security. However, the wide range of innovations have indeed helped a lot and will for sure be modified furthermore to grow more precisely in the coming future.

Scrolling through various cybersecurity technologies:

MiM in simple terms keeps all sensitive data in an encrypted mode so that only an approved lot of users can access the data. MiM (Man – in – the – Middle) attacks allowed the hackers to lay hands on very sensitive data, alter them, and project them into a different source. Hackers have lethally defeated this process. So Virtual Dispersive Networking (VDN) has come to the scene. This innovative technology can send the data in multiple encrypted bits to confuse hackers. Hence, the sent messages will reach their multiple checkpoints and their respective receiving point safely.

While meandering a page or an online site, you might come across a million of useless downloads. Well, the downloads might seem irrelevant at first but they are basically the hacking equipment of the fraud web trackers.

2 staged mAIS process-

Firstly, the initial detector scrutinizes all the malign and malware applications which keep asking or forcing to download files.

Secondly, the next set of detectors searches for the benign set of websites and applications which tend to download files on phones or any other device whenever the internet is turned on.

With the growing hacking technicalities, the power of Cybersecurity is also raising at a fast pace. Cybersecurity globally will show an increment of 11% with an expanse of this industry into USD 251 billion 2023.

Let us delve deeper into the arena of Cybersecurity and Cyberinsecurity for a better understanding:

How much spending can be estimated upon the virtual business of Cybersecurity?                                                                           

 A grand amount of 133.7 billion U.S.

What has been the categorical variety of Cyber Crimes threatening global data?                                                                                                     

Almost 52% of the cyber insecurity has been pointed out to hacking, the next major partner in crime has phishing which constitutes 32-33% and lastly, the malware set ups which have crept stealthily into the web world has filled up the leftover cyber crimes’ space.

Some of the major Cyber threat cases around the world:

• Facebook has become an inevitable part of many lives all across the globe. Is it safe? Are all your conversations and uploaded safe from the domain of cyber-crimes? Every single day 600000 Facebook accounts are exploited.

 • How frequently does a device become an easy victim to a hacker? To be precise, every 39 seconds, there can be a probability of an attack.

• The world we reside in has a broad range of enterprises blooming every other day. The question arises, do all these enterprises have well-structured web security policies? 60% of these small and medium firms tend to fall in the dark pit of cyber hacking thereby compromising with all the crucial databases.

Is Cybersecurity the need of the hour?

In this modern 2020 world, there are millions of tech savvy natives scuttling all over and across the globe. From education to business, from health services to banking, every element has occupied its unique space in the Cyber world.  In the ever growing and brimming age of virtual connectivity, the business of securing all the online floating data has become all the more important.

Categorically, the most efficient and destructive cyber threats that are floating merrily in the 2020 virtual world are:

1)Ransomware (this malware program squeezes all the information from the victim’s device and then the hacker gives back those data only if paid a ransom) This malware accounts for 71% of the recent web destruction.

2) The heap of suspicious mails and links take up a hefty share of the Cyber-crime’s world – approximately 74%

3) Trojan virus definitely standing out as an age old yet the most effective hacking equipment which has taken up a grand space of 67% of the Cyber crimes.

Pointing out the major checkpoints to strengthen Cybersecurity:


The vast baggage of data that we upload needs an immediate security system. The database contains all sorts of sensitive data hence to make it less vulnerable to the hackers.

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Yes, you have heard it correctly. Rectifying cybersecurity may turn out to be very costly. So, here is the ultimate solution -Cybersecurity. Get in touch with tough Cybersecurity schemes and incorporate them to avoid extra expense.


For every benefit one reaps from a piece of technology, an equal share of negative impact also looms large. Likewise, with the advancing technology, not only have the Cybersecurity policies become more innovative but the hackers have also developed. The hackers have been implementing very many ways to intrude your personal cyberspace for a hefty paycheck. Do not panic. Cybersecurity will handle all such threads of conspiracies with its new inventions which are being polished time and again.

Unlearning the old thoughts:

With the growing versatility of the hacking tools, a new thought process ought to make headway into this era of technology and science.  Down the lane, the companies have only searched mechanisms to only detect and prevent the incidents via the usage of anti-virus, the firewalls with intrusion prevention (IPS). However, docile prevention has been of very little use.

Earlier to encrypt the data, the varied security points used to accept data in multiple bits. However, this increasing load of data has created a menace of ascending alert mechanisms from the respective check points.

To respond to the piling up of increasing rates of false-positive alarms, SIEM has come to its rescue.

How does SIEM work?  

This mechanism collects all the multiple data bits and assimilates them to reduce the irrelevant security checks. Hence, this mechanism has dexterously sieved the mass load of data and the unnecessary noise in these virtual transactions.

Handy Cybersecurity tips:

• Enticing free Wi-Fi:

Beware of free Wi-Fi networks. The public open networks tend to give away your personal information very easily. Thus, making these free networks a lovely paradise for the cyber criminals.

• Get updated:

The way you keep yourself updated with the trending fashion styles, similarly, keep all your devices up to date. The harmful software tends to examine your backdated system and hacks them. The updated versions come with a lovely surprise of a platter of security checks and smooth working. The new security policies will in no time keep your devices miles away from the virtual web of the network hackers. With the timely patch downloads, your device will be capable enough to fix the bugs. Thereby, the threats from the malware system handlers can also be reduced if not eradicated.

• Keep switching your passwords:

Using the same old password makes it easy for the hackers to rip open your accounts. In addition to changing passwords multiple times, use different passwords for different websites and never save your passwords online. If you are using a password, remember to innovate a very strong password. Let your password be constituted of at least eight characters with Upper cases, Lower cases or special characters like @, # etc.

• Multilayered authentication process:

Try to provide two authentication gates to open and access the documents in a file. The multi factor security check will help to minimize the hacking issues and try to nullify the factor of poor password inputs.

• Installing Anti-Virus Protection programs:

If you wish to keep the hackers from fiddling with your sensitive data, install the anti-virus protection systems which without your permission will not allow any useless downloads. You can even activate the Firewall program to scrutinize any abnormal downloads or any sort of useless activities.

This goes without saying that with every passing day, the human brains are evolving more and more. A very basic idea that we all should incorporate in our lives is that, we should turn more towards a realistic world. People should in a way, focus more on being utilizing the Cyber space with real people or with the known ones rather than with the “out of the blue” emerging profiles. Cyber Security like all other technologies does not come with a full proof padlock mechanism, hence loopholes are evident. If people tend to be cautious and raise necessary alarms while surfing internet, while uploading files online or while chatting on various online platforms, a lot of the cyber-crimes can be checked.

Conclusively, hoping that with the coming years the Cyber Security mechanisms will be perfectly equipped with the necessary devices to wash off the remnants of all hacking equipment, thereby creating a safe Cyber space for one and all.

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