The commonwealth games are conducted by the Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) every 4 years. The games were first held in 1930 in Hamilton, Canada. The commonwealth is a collection of diverse nations with different faiths, languages, cultures, and traditions. The CGF is responsible for the proper conduct and direction of the games. However, in recent years, due to the cultural shift media coverage of these “friendly games” is reduced. These games bring together nations but the cultural shift has caused people to question them which is not right. 

The 2022 commonwealth games will be held in Birmingham, the heart of the UK. So, here are 6 reasons why you should attend these games to keep their flame burning.

Work experience

These games bring a unique opportunity for the students who can tap into and develop their employability skills. Being a part of the commonwealth games team is a nice point for your cv too. For sports students, depending on their experience, they can also help the athletes in their run-up during and after the games. And a nice media coverage will bring on the enthusiasm. The 2022 games, though still 2 years away bring nice career opportunities for the students. Be it in internships or even simply volunteering capacity. They teach you management and discipline because these games present with them a wide variety of events which includes healthcare services, handling visitors, and aid spectators.

Equal voice for all

What makes the commonwealth unique, is the fact that all the members share equality and a commitment to democracy. Unlike the UN, here all the countries have equal voices. A small country like Narua with a population of just 1000 has the same opportunities and chances as a country like India with a population of over 1.2 billion. Through the power of sports, we learn to bring together nations and celebrate diversity while also promoting sports development. This gives all the more reason for the viewers to watch these games. Commonwealth also helps to foster friendship between the nations in successfully achieving their objective. You should watch these games and support your country in a friendly manner. 

Make use of the facilities

This time the commonwealth games will be held in Birmingham which is the center of many exciting developments. The students, locals, and visitors will have access to a range of new facilities. Further developments include the commonwealth village that will be where the Perry Barr campus used to be. There will be the Alexander Stadium that will be happening in the run-up to the event. The good thing about these stadiums, they aren’t going anywhere. After the games, the sports and exercise department will be moving in. so once it’s over, you will be presented with access to a range of new facilities in the coming years. Not only this, the sports and exercise department will also prepare their students in the best possible way for the competitive world.

Inspiration for you and the athletes

These games are an inspiration not only to the players but also to the viewers. For the aspiring sports players, commonwealth games provide an exposure to represent their own country and for the viewers, they get inspired looking at players’ hard work and dedication to win. Lack of media coverage is like a tree falling for the players. If no one is there to make the sound to cheer them up then even the athletes lose the spirit of playing. The crowd work and enthusiasm are what keeps the games going. Watching the games will not only give you a rush of energy, but they will also give you the motivation to believe in yourself. 

Being a part of the history

Attending the event that happens only once in four years is a grand opportunity. It is a huge advantage for the locals and the students. Birmingham is a beautiful place. Getting a chance to be there and attending the games will give you a new experience and a tale to remember. It’s the people who keep the games going. The commonwealth games will be taking part in the heart of the country and that is a fortunate thing for all. 


The commonwealth games see athletes coming from 71 different nations and territories. These games play an important role in the athlete’s pursuit of excellence. The depth of the competition is high and for the athletes, winning a medal in these games makes them the best in the world at their sport. Sitting together with your family, and watching these games will fill you with joy and oneness. The games bring together nations and the joy of togetherness.

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