Top fellowship programs in India

There are many fellowship programs in India which help young people to excel in their profession. Some of the programs are Chief Minister Fellowship, SBI Youth for India, Regional Fellows Program and Ashoka Fellowship. All these programs have been designed to help young people develop leadership skills.

Ashoka Fellowship

Ashoka Fellowship, founded in 1981, is a global organisation that works in 60 countries and is home to more than 350 Fellows who are leading social entrepreneurs. It provides financial support, strategic guidance, and a network of peers to help Fellows grow their social enterprises. Its goal is to create a world where everyone can solve problems and live with dignity.

In addition to financial support, the organization provides in-depth trainings, workshops, and advice on strategy. In addition, Ashoka’s Fellowship Network opens up new sources of collaboration, funding, and professional development opportunities for Fellows.

Ashoka’s mission is to enable collective entrepreneurship around the world’s emerging frontiers. Through the Ashoka Fellowship, they seek out innovative social entrepreneurs who have the capacity to create systemic change. Their focus is on developing the ideas of these individuals and using them to address critical social issues. As part of the process, candidates articulate their innovations and strategies to change sector-wide systems.

Since its inception, Ashoka has helped over 3,500 fellows build their capacity and transform their ideas into socially effective ventures. Its network includes Nobel Laureate Muhammad Yunus, Jimmy Wales, and others. In fact, it is the largest community of social entrepreneurs in the world.

The Fellows’ selection process is considered a key learning experience for most. It strengthens their ideas and helps them develop their personal leadership style. It is also an opportunity for Ashoka to better understand its impact across geographies. A recent study of Fellows revealed that two-thirds of the respondents believed that the process strengthened their idea.

The Ashoka Web site outlines the organization’s history and its worldwide presence. It also provides information on the various initiatives that the organization has launched to promote social entrepreneurship.

Teach For India

Teach For India Fellowship is a two-year full time program designed to address educational inequity in India. It helps students to build skills in education, leadership, and critical thinking. During their tenure, Fellows are placed in low-income schools and help transform children’s lives. This experience also teaches youth about the value of education, leadership, and social justice.

The program is open to citizens of India and foreigners with Indian roots. It is a highly intensive and selective process, and candidates must have an interest in the mission of Teach For India. Applicants must also have an aptitude for teaching and an innate desire to serve.

The program is designed for bright and talented individuals, with an interest in social change. Applicants are required to live outside of their hometowns for the duration of the program. Interested candidates should apply by June/July 2023.

The first stage of the selection process is an online test, where candidates answer questions related to the English language. Afterwards, selected candidates will be invited for a personal interview. This interview will involve a group discussion with fellow candidates, a 5-minute teaching demonstration, and problem-solving exercise.

Applicants will need to have a bachelor’s degree by June/July 2023. Applicants must also have strong academic, leadership, and interpersonal skills. They must also be willing to relocate to one of the cities.

Applicants must have a passion for teaching and an innate desire to work towards educational equity. They should be committed to working with their communities and committing to the movement. The program requires a two-year commitment and provides a stipend of INR 19,000 a month.

Throughout the program, Teach For India Fellows receive ongoing support and training. They also get the opportunity to be a part of a thriving community of Alumni. They are also invited to participate in a leadership forum and an annual leadership development workshop. In their second year, they are invited to lead a community or school project.

SBI Youth for India

SBI Youth for India Fellowship is a programme that allows young people to make a difference in the lives of rural India. This program is managed by SBI in partnership with leading NGOs. A fellow works on a grass-root development project and lives in a village. During the Fellowship, the fellow is given a stipend of INR 15,000/- per month.

Applicants are invited to apply for the programme through an online portal. They are required to submit an application form and an in-depth essay answering questions. If they pass the online assessment, they will be invited for an interview. If selected, they will receive an offer letter. The offer will include fellowship assistance and programme details.

SBI Youth for India offers a thirteen-month fellowship program. During the fellowship, the applicant will work for a reputed NGO on a challenging grassroots development project. The fellow will live in a rural community and work alongside experienced NGOs.

During the thirteen-month programme, the fellow will be provided a stipend of INR 15000/- per month. In addition, he/she will be paid 50000 INR in readjustment allowance. He/she will also be reimbursed for transportation expenses. He/she will be offered health insurance.

SBI Youth for India Fellowship offers a unique opportunity for young professionals and fresh graduates to join a grassroots development project. The Fellow will be assigned to a reputed NGO and will receive mentoring and support. This will help the Fellow to become a leader of tomorrow.

Among the SBI YFI alumni, 70% are still working in the development sector. Many of them have established and run scalable models. In addition, 65 of them have pursued higher studies. The remaining 45% of the fellows work in the Academia or Public Policy.

Regional Fellows Program

The Regional Fellows Program is a one-year leadership development program that trains and equips 20 individuals from across India. It provides tools to accelerate impact and strengthens a network of social leaders.

The program is open to undergraduates, graduates, and professionals who are committed to advancing India’s social impact mission. Applicants are required to demonstrate a history of impact.

The program is divided into three stages: selection, pre-fellowship training, and induction into the larger Fellows Community. After completion of the induction, fellows will work on a project with a host organization for at least a year. The projects are designed to address problems in India’s education system. The projects can range from a digital solution to a distribution partnership. The projects will be supervised by subject experts.

In addition to financial support, the fellows receive mentorship from subject experts and seasoned women politicians. They also get to engage in civic life through enrichment activities. The participants will also participate in a Professional Fellows Congress with 200+ fellows from 48 countries.

The CSIR fellowships are open to Indian citizens, both residents and non-residents, who have four to ten years of work experience. They must be able to perform research and demonstrate strong leadership skills. They will be paid a compensation of up to 1.5 lakh rupees per month. The fellows are required to work on a project based on a problem identified by the centre.

The Emerging Leaders Exchange is an innovative fellowship programme that trains young leaders aged 25 to 40 from India, Nepal, and Sri Lanka. The program focuses on developing leadership skills, creating sustainable linkages, and building relationships with NGOs. The participants will also receive training in critical thinking and communication.

Chief Minister Fellowship

The Chief Minister Fellowship program is a unique opportunity for young professionals. It is an ideal way for the youth to gain experience in the social development sector. It provides opportunities to interact with legends of literature and industry. The program also gives an insight into the working of the government.

The program offers a post graduate certificate in public policy and management. Students will be assigned to departments related to the thematic area and learn from renowned academicians and thought leaders. It is a great chance to participate in the emerging governance revolution. The program also provides a platform for the youth to develop their leadership skills.

It will be a full-time program and applicants must have a first class degree. Candidates must also have at least 60% marks. Applicants are required to submit their resume, personal statement, work experience, education qualifications and self-approval form. Interested candidates can apply for the program by registering to the website.

The program will be administered through the Chief Minister’s Office in Mumbai. The scheme will provide a platform to the young and promising youth of the state to participate in various aspects of government work. It will be followed by an interview round. The final round will involve a face-to-face interview with a panel of experts.

The scheme will be implemented for a period of two years (2022-24) and will be open to qualified youngsters. The first round of shortlisting will be based on academic qualifications, professional experience and motivation. The second and third rounds will include an examination, interview and assessment.

The programme will provide the youth of the state with a unique opportunity to interact with and learn from legends of the art and industry. It will also enable them to participate in the implementation of government schemes.

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